2nd Lien Elimination

2nd Lien Elimination


Hybrid Loan Modification the NEW Mortgage Balance Reduction Program

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Pre-Foreclosure Service will negotiate the 2nd lien to an estimated 10% of the balance (Homeowner pays the lender, no title transfer).



This eliminates the 2nd lien and enables the home owner to either:

  1. Modify the first (Short Sale will also assist in modifying the first lien mortgage)
  2. Or do nothing because the first is at Fair Market Value and they now can afford their home.

The homeowner only pays Pre-Foreclosure Service after they accept the terms. If the home owner is not pleased, the homeowner pays nothing.

The costs for 2nd lien Elimination are:

  • 3.75% of the balance of what Pre Foreclosure Service eliminated
  • EX: 100k 2nd / 10k to settle 2nd / 90k eliminated 90k X 3.75% = $3,375.00
  • Ex: Total Costs for eliminating 90,000.00 of the 2nd lien = 3,375.00

Pre-Foreclosure Service will also pay for referrals. Please ask if you’re interested in becoming a referral fee partner. No license requirements.