Short Sale

Short Sale

Since 2007, West Coast Short Sale has become the leader in short sale negotiations. The sheer volume of mortgage notes processed each month has enabled us to gain invaluable hands-on knowledge necessary to effectively process short sales.

West Coast Short Sale was created with one basic goal in mind to help homeowners prevent their home from entering foreclosure. With help from the homeowner’s chosen real estate professional, we work in congruence to properly submit the file to the bank to immediately start the short sale process. A short sale listing requires a savvy network of partners working seamlessly toward one common goal; to complete a short sale in a timely, efficient, and compassionate manner.

West Coast Short Sale has become an expert in the government’s Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) program that started April 4, 2010. If you and or your team would like some training on the new program and how you can assist home owners that qualify for this program please do not hesitate to call.

West Coast Short Sale believes that no one should get paid until the home sells.

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