Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We negotiate with the banks on your behalf to ensure a successful closing of the short sale transaction. We handle all of the processing, communication, documentation and most importantly, the skillful and professional negotiations required by each mortgage lender.

We handle the full short sale process for homeowners, realtors and brokers. AND we understand it can be difficult for homeowners to pay their bills during a time of hardship, so there is no out of pocket fee for our services for the homeowner EVER.

Short sale properties are our primary focus. It is what we know, all we do, and we have been negotiating them since 2007.  We simply serve as a neutral third party to the transaction.

Lastly, we have developed contacts within the banks that we utilize to assist in getting your short sale approved.

You’ll know that we’re always working hard for you because we only make money when we successfully close your short sale.